"Master Your Muscles"

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'Master your Muscles' will teach you how to massage every part of your body. Not only for muscle problems, it will teach you daily maintenance techniques that relieve tight muscles in a simple way"


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My name is Zaiton, and I am passionate about massage. I learned the ancient art of traditional massage from my grandmother, just as she did from hers. With over 15 years of experience in massage and professional training at prestigious health spas and luxury resorts in Malaysia and New Zealand, I have been requested to train therapists in renowned New Zealand spas.


My journey to sharing my knowledge began after I recovered from muscle problems myself and I recovered with my grandmother's way of massage. I carry generations of knowledge, including my own experiences. I have compiled my knowledge, from A to Z, into a detailed narrative journey book that I eagerly share. Through my book, online classes, and massage tools, my goal is to enhance people's well-being, both for my clients and myself. I encourage you to seize this opportunity to learn and apply the concepts and techniques from my knowledge and experience. Health and well-being are fundamental rights, and my intention is to help individuals understand the sensation of pain, explore various paths to recovery, provide hopeful solutions, and facilitate healing. My book not only offers guidance for relieving muscle issues in individuals of all ages but also as a daily maintenance which relieves tight muscles in a simple way.


During the mosque attack in Christchurch. At that time, I organized a workshop to raise funds for the victims, which marked my first workshop in New Zealand. During that workshop, I shared my massage knowledge and skills. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some of my clients sought my help in alleviating their musculoskeletal issues. As a result, I started offering Zoom classes and began creating visual illustrations to aid their learning and understanding of their unique conditions. These drawings and compilations are showcased in this book. I want my knowledge and skills to be accessible to everyone.


In addition to sharing my knowledge through this book, I also offer private, group, and community workshops and classes with a particular emphasis on full body massage, self massage and the use of hotstones and the buffalo horn.


I carry a deep passion with me to improve not only my clients’ health but also that of our communities. I want to share and spread my knowledge to as many people as possible. There is no secret to being healthy. Let's help one another and make life better. We are all better off when everyone enjoys good health.  Much love, Zaiton




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